Welcome to my blog!

Finally, it’s been quite some time till I decided to start up a blog/website dedicated to my writing!

This blog/website, melissenkaya.blog.wordpress.com will be my official website (until who knows? Probably forever unless I decide to change it!).

Here you’ll be able to find posts of:

  • Writing progressions (what books are being written, how the chapters are going, etc).
  • Reading samples/excerpts of all different kinds of my writing.
  • Purchasing my novels/works.
  • Read/find my other writing works (essays, fanfiction, etc).
  • All things related to my writing and characters.
  • Even tutorials on writing and themes!

Although the website will take some time to fully establish and finish editing and tinkering around, it’ll be finished eventually, and uploaded from time to time with new content.

You can most definitely find answers to questions in my FAQ page that I’ve received numerous times on my other social media and pages. Of course, if you have other questions about my writing/works, I’ll be happy to answer those too. Make sure you check out the “About” and “FAQ” pages to learn a little more about my writing and this website too!

In other words, I’ll try to update this website whenever I can. I’m busy 90% of the time with writing and life in general, but whenever something new sparks up, or there’s news about my writing, you can find it here for sure.

Don’t forget to check out my other social media, such as my Facebook page for my writing updates, and my Wattpad where I upload excerpts and my novels! More links will go up eventually as I get everything ready, so thank you for your patience, and I hope you like the website! 🙂


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